Self-evaluation of self introductory speech


Self-Evaluation of Self Introductory Speech


1. To be able to identify organizational elements in your speech

2. To identify and correct fillers and other vocal quality issues

3. To identify and correct nervous fidgeting and to add gestures that complement the presentation


Please type answers onto the form and return it via Dropbox by Sept. 8.

Completion of Assignment

1. Video tape your presentation. If you do not have the technology to video tape yourself, please go to the library as they have rooms set aside with video cameras where you can tape yourself. You will need to go a few days in advance to reserve a room at the library if you wish to use this resource.

2. Time your speech

3. Watch your video-taped presentation and answer the questions on the form below and return it to your instructor via dropbox no later than 5pm on Sept. 8.


Your Name:

Topic of Presentation:

Length of Presentation:

Did you open with an attention-getter? If so, what was it?

Did you identify the topic of your presentation?

Did you state your credibility and connection to the topic?

Did you preview your 2-3 main points? If so, what did you say?

Did you use a transition into the body of your speech?

Did you discuss 2-3 main points in the body of the speech in the same order as you mentioned them in the preview?

Did you have transitions between each main point in your speech? If so what were they?

Did you have a transition into your conclusion?

Did you review your 2-3 main points in the conclusion?

Did you end with a concluding remark or action? If so, what was it?

How many times did you say “uh”, “um”, “like”?

Were you looking at the audience or reading the outline?

How many times did you use an appropriate gesture in your presentation? What gestures did you notice?

Did you notice any nervous fidgeting such as swaying, playing with jewelry or hair, hands in pockets, etc? If so, what did you do?

In your speech, did we learn something about you? Was the speech focused on an item, characteristic or experience that has been important to your life?

What areas of improvement do you notice that you would like to make before your graded presentation?

What do you feel you did effectively in your presentation? What were your strongest areas of presentation?

What did you learn from the experience?


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