Case paper for legal, ethical and social environment

Please use the attached case files and then answer the following questions for each paper. Please provide three separate files for each of them. 

MacEwan Residency Service

  1. What are the risks involved with choosing to hire, or not hire, Benson?
  2. For the risks identified in question 1, rate each as high, medium, or low. If you perceive any of these risks as occurring more or less frequently, or newly occurring in the last two decades, label those risks as “Changing over Time.”
  3. Is the requirement to physically respond to an intruder, evacuation order, or other emergency a bona fide occupational requirement?
  4. Do the accommodation requirements for Benson represent undue hardship to MacEwan’s Residence Services?
  5. Based on questions 1 to 3, develop a position statement for hiring Benson and a position statement for not hiring Benson. Which position do you perceive as being strongest?
  6. What other options does Galloway have besides hiring or not hiring Benson?
  7. What changes or safeguards could be made in the selection process to ensure that future selection decisions are discrimination-proof?


  1. Was there anything about the culture at VW that could have contributed to the implementation of a defeat device?
  2. Was there an effective CSR program in place to catch this violation?
  3. How did VW approach market competition considering the methods of other diesel manufacturers?
  4. How did VW’s business model match its sustainability strategy?
  5. What role did environmental and social responsibility play in VW’s decision-making?
  6. How does the government play a role in business and the environment?
  7. Should governments regulate companies in order to protect the environment? Even if it may stifle economic growth?
  8. What have companies besides VW done in order to incorporate environment and social outcomes in their business strategies?
  9. If health concerns and deaths could be linked to NOx emissions, should criminal charges be brought against the company? How far up in the organizational hierarchy should prosecution go?
  10. Were VW’s sustainability initiatives an example of green-washing?


  1. Do you think the NFL and franchise owners are meeting their obligations to employee health and safety?
  2. Do you think that the NFL’s and owners’ responsibilities in terms of player safety and health have changed now that the potential long-term health risks of playing football are more widely understood?
  3. Do you think that the changes made in terms of rules, quipmetn, and player health assessments to date have been sufficient?
  4. There are analogies made in the case between football and smoking. Do you believe that in 25 years, the state of professional football will be similar to that of cigarette companies today?
  5. If you were the owner of an NFL franchise team, would you look to sell your team, or do you think the NFL will continue as a viable and profitable business?
  6. Please be sure to read the case Appendix as it contains information essential to the class discussion.

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