doing global business: the silicon valley perspective – written

PartII, 15% of the class grade –Graded individually:A white paper identifying a future disruption affecting an importantsector of the economy. The minimum length is 5 pages (notincluding any annexes, appendices, references, tables of contents, cover page,etc.) and the maximum length is 10 pages (including any annexes, appendices, references, tables of contents, cover page, etc.). In other words, there must be at least 5 pages oftrue written content. Each section needs toidentify the main author to enable individual grading.If you have a secondary, yet important role inother section(s) your name should appear asa second author. Your paper must be written in Calibri 11-point font, with singlespacing and 1-inchborders on 8.5x11inch paper. Outside the required 5 pages of true content, other pages such as references, appendixes, cover page, table of content, etc.; could use any font or point size as required by your aesthetic preferences.

Grading Criteria(What constitutes a good assignment?): The professors will evaluate assignments based on the quality of students’ analyses and syntheses of ideas. Analysis is fine, but synthesis is what we are really looking! Assignment responses should reflect thoughtfulness, understanding, and effort. It requires framing the issue, presenting its historical perspective, and reflecting on the current state and potential ideal states. Do not be afraid to take a position vis-à-vis the issue at hand, outside the box.

Grading Rubric: Please see the REG 375 Grading Rubric for Final for the exact standard that will be applied to the Assignment.

Special Note About Plagiarism: In-class discussions and debates will be designed to help you develop your own unique perspective on the varied issues covered in the course. This same spirit of developing original ideas should carry over into your written work. Please cite your work and provide quotations where applicable. Plagiarism is generally defined as the useof someone else’s words and/or ideas without providing proper credit. Neither this course nor Hult International Business Schoolwill tolerate instances of plagiarism.


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