Need an expert in management field know to do flowchart


actually i have assignment in 
Designing Effective Organizations class. 

   our company would be  Microsoft and we will focus on Xbox.


so i need you to do research on Xbox’s flowchart of filing order to Best-buy and i need you to figure out XBOX’s process to filling an order to Best buy and then need to find inefficiencies and waste, and then i need to find the solutions for them.  



These websites will explain for you what type of flowchart that I need.. there are examples.  


so i need 5 pages, 2 pages will for the flowchart: one will be for the current and the other will be for the recommndation and the changes. and the other three for writing section. 


here is the instruction of the assignment that explain what i need exactly 


Process Assessment = Your teams are to evaluate and existing process of a company of your choosing.  The company may be one that employs one of your team members.  The process may be from any functional discipline within your selected environment.  This process assessment is to begin with flowcharting the existing process.  Evaluate the process, using the flowchart, for inefficiencies and waste.  Next, develop a flowchart that reflects your recommended changes.  Assess the organizational changes that will be required to implement your recommendations.  Calculate the estimated costs and subsequent savings that will result from your implementation. Groups are to presentation of the results of your process assessment on their assigned dates.


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