Great ships: the pirate ships (Links to an external site.)

The Golden Age of Piracy time index 9:44 to 43:55

  • Pirate flags are also known as the “Jolly Roger.” According to the documentary, what is considered to be the origin story of this nickname?
  • How were pirate captains usually chosen?
  • According to the documentary, was “walking the plank” a common occurrence?
  • How successful was Captain Kidd as a pirate? What was his ultimate fate?
  • How many bullet wounds and stab wounds was Blackbeard’s body found to have had? How much of a reward did Robert Maynard receive for killing the dreaded pirate Blackbeard?
  • How many ships did Bartholomew Roberts capture in his pirate career?
  • What was Bartholomew Robert’s ultimate fate?

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