I got a d on my paper and i need to submit the revised version of my

i got a D on my paper and i need to submit the revised paper by november 29 at 5pm United Arab Emirates timing.

The paper is based on short stories by author leila Aboulela which I am sure you can find online, my essay is about considering the male characters and their struggles with regard to feminism, basically looking at a males perspective.the short stories are

The Ostrich

The boy from the kebab shop

The museum 

these short stories are from her collection “the coloured lights”

extra pages are needed in order to fit the required number of pages after editing 

here are my professors guidelines:

 3, 500-5 000-word/15-20 page revision of Aboulela. 

it needs to be written in APA style format, double spaced.


I will attach my paper so you can see my professor’s criticism. 


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