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Project-Opening a new restaurant

A project that would take approx. 6 months (from start to finish)

Not a multi-billion-dollar project – keep manageable (e.g. $100K-$10 million range)

A project that takes time/effort to PLAN, do not focus on EXECUTION of the project

Prepare A power point slides on below topics and above is the scenario

Stakeholder Assessment(2-3 slides)

  • Identify and list at least 5 stakeholders on your project
  • What is their title in the organization?
  • What role do they play on the project (e.g. SME)?
  • What level of power do they have in the organization (Low or High)?
  • What level of interest do they have in the organization (Low or High)?
  • What requirements do they have on the project?
  • What concerns do they have about the project?

Communications Plan(2-3 slides)

  • What is the name of the document you are sending to stakeholders (e.g. status report)?
  • Who owns the document (e.g. business analyst)?
  • What medium will be used to send the document (e.g. hard copy or print)?
  • How frequently will be you distributing this document (e.g. once a week)?
  • Who is the stakeholder receiving the document (e.g. Product Manager)?
  • What does the stakeholder need to do with the document (e.g. give guidance?)

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