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This work builds on the prewriting that is conducted in Week 1. From the prewriting submitted last week, the rough direction of your narrative work should be starting to take shape. 

Your task this week is to compose and submit a thesis and an outline for the narrative work required using the attached prewriting work . Make your outline detailed enough to help your reader completely comprehend the content and structure of your work. The purpose here is to provide a road map for when you start drafting your work . Just to be clear, although I am asking for a semiformal outline, you should consider this a working outline. Like the prewriting last week, this outline is for you, not your readers. Once you start drafting next week, this outline may change, and that is just fine.

  • The format is attached as the outline template kindly use that template 
  • This will serve as your style guide for writing this outline
  • There are instructions in the file (just follow the steps)
  1. Use the template, craft your thesis statement and outline for the topic you selected for Writing Project 1.

Use the attached Narration and draft the outline using attached template 


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