Correct any of the following sentences that are not complete or have


1. We have examined your bubble-jet printer, repairs will cost $148.00 plus tax, shall we go ahead?  

2. The hard disk crashed at 4:15 p.m. Before I had time to copy today’s work onto a safety disk.  

3. Do you have a Hama A16 Electronic Camera Flash in your depart- ment, you can recognize it by the words Sorte mit Automatik on the base.  

4. With effect from October 31 we will assign Myra Weiss and Dan Helwig to your Division for six months, this confirms our telephone conversation of October 17.  

5. The safety label warned: “Toxic solution, handle with great care”.  

6. Progressive corrosion inside the pipes has reduced liquid flow by  21% since 1996. A condition which, if not corrected, could cause  system shutdown in less than 12 months.  

7. Work on the Feldstet contract was completed on February 16 three  days ahead of the February 19 scheduled completion date, a cause  for celebration.  

8. When the digital exchange was installed at Multiple Industries, eight  lines were left unused for anticipated staff expansion. Also for pro- viding dedicated lines for a planned facsimile transmission network between branches.  

9. The overhead steam pipe ruptured at 10:10 a.m., fortunately the office was empty as everyone had gone down to the cafeteria for cof- fee break. Although damage was effected to the computer equipment and oak furniture.  

10. May I have company approval to attend the course “Preparing for ISO 2001 Approval,” to be held at Oklahoma State University May 16–20. And as attendance is limited may I have a reply by April 28.  

11. Your request to attend the May course on “Preparing for ISO 2001 Approval” as requested in your memo dated April 10 was approved at the April 15 meeting of the Executive Committee, Francine Williams who attended the same course in January was particularly helpful in recommending that you attend.  

12. Before submitting purchase requests for new or replacement equipment, ensure that 

– manufacturer details are complete, 

– price quotations are attached, 

– The appropriate specifications are quoted,

– An alternative supplier is listed, and 

– The divisional manager approves the request. 


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