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Visit an art museum/exhibit OR attend a classical music concert OR attend a play OR watch the movie Amadeus. Pick the applicable temple and write answers to the questions in the template. You have two of the same assignments this semester. You will do two of the four options. For example, if you attend a museum or gallery for your first assignment, you must attend either a classical concert, attend a play, or watch Amadeus for the second write-up. (Note: each of the Cultural Experience assignments is worth 10% of your final grade – 20% total)

Instructions (you must follow these instructions to get full credit!)

Attendance must be DURING this semester, not something you did last summer, etc.

General directions:

  1. Answer all questions in the write-up template with the appropriate amount of detail as specified for each question.  This is what you will be turning in. (My suggestion is to download the template and then just type your answers under each question.)
  2. Use standard 12-point Times New Roman font. 
  3. citations must be included in the paper for any research. (Points will be deducted for partial citations or no citations.)
  4. your assignment in appropriate place the Assignments folder online. (Points will be deducted if you only attach a document and not copy/paste.)

Grading:  each assignment is worth 100 points.  The breakdown of points as follows:

Questions about event                                                50%

Research                                                                      30%

Following directions (including citations)                  20% 


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