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Part 1 (Worth 60% of Total Assignment Grade): Write a two-page paper that identifies three companies in the retail business that have been using big data. Explain how big data is helping these companies improve the efficacy of their operations. ( Hint: Refer to Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 for information on big data)

     The following are guidelines to the required format:

  • Should not be in question and answer format, but rather embody and use the question as a guide to forming the analysis
  • Use paragraphs to present analyses, providing information to answer the question
  • Double spaced; any headings should be bolded ;cite all references using standard MLA or APA writing styles
  • Paper should be written in Microsoft Word and place the following heading on the top left corner of the word document LastName First Name BA Assignment Student ID

For example, Natera Erick BA Assignment 172xxxx

     Grading Rubric:

  • Correct format (line spacing, no question and answer)
  • At a minimum, adequately address the question
  • Sufficient analysis to support how Big Data is improving efficacy of operation for companies selected

Part 2 (Worth 40% of Total Assignment Grade): The XYZ Company sells different merchandise through different salespersons in different states. The sales manager is interested in knowing who sold what, where, and how much. Using the sample data construct a pivot table for each of the items below:

  1. Sum of Amount Sold
  2. Total sales broken down into three regions
  3. Performance of each salesperson in each region
  4. Sales broken down by region, then by salesperson, and then by Merchandise
  5. Two-dimensional table that shows sales performance by region and type of merchandise

   The following are guidelines to the required format:

  • A pivot table should be created for each of the items above
  • Copy the Pivot Table from Excel into a word document and place the corresponding label at the top of each pivot so I am able to identify which pivot table was constructed

      Grading Rubric:

  • Pivot table exhibits correct layout and information

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