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  1. Please read Carl Wilkinson’s profile, Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters, on pages 622–626 of your text. What writing techniques does Wilkinson use to meet the profile genre? How do these strategies help establish meaning, and what impression do they leave about Grohl? (Be sure to be specific in your response, pointing to areas of the text and noting both page and paragraph numbers.)

2.       Drawing on one of the strategies for writing introductions outlined in your text or the lesson, post a draft of your introductory paragraph(s) as your first post. Note how or why an introduction caught your attention and explain what impression it gives you about the essay’s larger purpose. Also explain how your classmate’s voice, tone, or diction contributes to the overall effectiveness of the introduction.

4 lines each question.   Please ill post on the other sheet where to get the answer for he first question ill copy reading page 622-626 


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