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We have a project for chem due Monday, it’s easy but I’m busy catching up on English rn and don’t have the time for it so I’m willing to pay anyone who can do it through PayPal.

The directions for the project go as follows: 

Create a google slideshow that uses two different household situations to demonstrate concepts that you learned in Chemistry this semester. (side note: we cannot use a furnace burning methane cause that was the example they used). For each situation you must define and apply 2 or more chemistry concepts (topics are below this) and you must talk about the atoms, molecules and/or formula units and how they interact in the items/situations. Making a diagram of what happens and explaining it might be helpful.

Topics from this semester (each item/situation MUST include two of these): Phases/ Phase Changes, Gas laws, Chemical Reactions (Balancing equations/Types), Stoichiometry, Solutions and Molarity, and Rates / Acids and Bases.


* Applies multiple chem topics (chapters) accurately (4 pts)

* Accurately describes the involvement of the interaction of atoms, molecules, formula units and/or Ions (4pts)

* Overall Quality (2pts)


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