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IDS 402 Milestone One Worksheet


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For this milestone, you will choose a local or global issue that pertains to wellness. The chosen issue should also relate to one or more of the topics that have been addressed in this course (factors that support or challenge wellness, wellness through the lens of different disciplines, and so on). In the presentation that you will create for the final project, you will explain the issue, describe how it pertains to wellness, and provide a plan of action for addressing this issue. This plan includes recommendations for improvements as well as strategies and a plan for implementing the recommendations.


Use the prompts below to help you decide on the specific topic you will address in your final project.


1.       Briefly describe your discipline of study or chosen profession, at this point in time, and the impact that health and wellness issues have on it.

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2.       Describe an issue topic that is related to health and wellness and is also related to your professional and/or personal interests.

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3.       Given that you will need to conduct serious research on the issue, is it sufficiently narrow to discuss in a presentation that is about 10 minutes in length? If not, what sub-issue within the larger one can you address?

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