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Advertising Analysis

Your task is to find an advertisement of your choice and analyze it; make sure you connect your findings to the at least one of the class readings, but you can, of course, have more than one. The advertisement can be a poster, a video or a song; if you choose a different advertisement, let me know prior to beginning your task. You may work individually or in pairs; ensure your name and student number(s) is/are on your analysis.

You may demonstrate your knowledge via writing or by a video. If you write, the minimum is two pages of writing alone and use proper APA formatting (single space is recommended, but you can have more pages if you double space). If you do a video, the minimum is five minutes and your references must be listed at the end. The analysis will be marked according to: critical analysis, connection to the course materials, proper context and content.

Due date is on Moodle. If you choose to submit the optional feedback, you may write point form or give a rough draft or unfinished notes. 

Page #1 –Planning and preparation

Show your justification for your analysis and include the following:

· Identify the advertisement and explain why this is an advertisement

· Explain why you chose this medium

· If you work in pairs, state what portion of the work you accomplished

· State which part of the analysis was easy and which part was difficult

*Regardless of the medium, you must answer the “Planning and preparation” when you submit your work.


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