Discussion: brian and weight gain

Athlete:                 Brian, 18 yr old Freshman

Sport:                    Division I Football

Position:                Linebacker

Height:                  6’ 2.75”

Weight:                 211.0 pounds

Goal: Brian desires weight gain.  Although, Brian was an outstanding high school football player, his coaches also want him to gain weight in order to eventually excel at the linebacker position in Division I Football.

After an assessment of Brian’s daily eating habits, he is consuming just enough calories to maintain his current weight. Although his protein intake is very high, his daily carbohydrate and fat intake are low. Brian does not eat breakfast. He usually eats Lunch, Dinner, and a snack later in the evening. Brian has also stated the following:

“Carbs make you fat……you need protein to build muscle.”

What would help Brian with his goal of weight gain?

300 Words 

APA format (2 sources)

Due Wednesday February 6, 2019 


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