Marketing powerpoint presentation | Marketing homework help

The purpose of the presentation assignment is to encourage you to relate your observation on the real-world marketing practices to what you learn in the classroom.

Step 1: Pick up one or several related real-world marketing practice(s) you feel passionate about and interested into introducing them to the class. On a lighter note, you relate those practices to a term/concept you learnt or will learn in the course. In some way, your real-world examples help  illustrate the idea.

Step 2: Develop slides (at least five slides) and a script (i.e., the words you will say to the audience as if you were presenting to the whole class and include the script in the last slide)

  • You are highly encouraged to include visual aids in your slides (i.e., video link, images, charts). The SCRIPT is the words you say as if you were presenting to the class in person. You include your script (font size: 12) in the last slide.
  • Use a slide format (i.e., Powerpoint) compatible with WINDOWS. APPLE only compatible format is not supported here and I will ask you to resubmit. 10% penalty in grades applies. You can Google out how to convert slides to Windows-supported slide format if you were using a Mac machine only.

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