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As the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) professional for a manufacturing company, you have just completed the quarterly inspections and have found hazards. Because your resources (both financial and human) are limited, you must complete a risk assessment to determine which hazards have a higher priority for mitigation. Use the quantitative risk assessment method outlined in the unit lesson, and explain why this method is the best choice for assessing the risks associated with the hazards and the purpose of your project. Review each of the hazards identified below, and conduct a risk assessment using the quantified method for risk assessment. Click  here (SEEATTACHED) to access the quantitative risk assessment form, and make certain to include the spreadsheet in the appendices. You may modify the risk level in the spreadsheet to meet your level of acceptable risk. Based on this quantified risk assessment, determine the priority of mitigation. Provide a four-to-eight page report (not including the title page) detailing your findings. The project report should include the elements listed below.

  1. Summarize the steps you used to determine your risk assessments, including conducting a hazard identification inspection. 
  2. Provide an explanation as to why the quantitative risk assessment method is one of the better methods for evaluating risk for this type of hazard. 
  3. Discuss the results of the findings, including the priority of mitigations for the identified hazards. 
  4. Provide a recommendation as to whether the project mitigations are justified using the William-Fine method.



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