Buis.200c0a introduction to business systems exam 2

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Question 1



An attack by a ____ hacker might not be an actual threat to an organization’s security system.



 b.black hat

 c.script kiddie

 d.white hat

2 points   

Question 2



The McCumber cube defines ____ characteristics of information security.






2 points   

Question 3



Intentional threats include ____.


 a.user’s accidental deletion of data

 b.power outages

 c.attacks by disgruntled employees


2 points   

Question 4



____ report nonexistent viruses and may cause panic.



 b.Virus hoaxes


 d.Trojan programs

2 points   

Question 5



A ____ is built-in to a system by its designer.


 a.logic bomb




2 points   

Question 6



A ____ attack is a type of network-based attack.




 c.logic bomb

 d.social engineering

2 points   

Question 7



A ____ attack might make use of Google Maps.



 b.social engineering


 d.logic bomb

2 points   

Question 8



Which of the following is one of the most successful biometric security measure?


 a.facial recognition

 b.signature analysis

 c.vein analysis

 d.retinal scans

2 points   

Question 9



A ____ is used to verify whether a user’s access is valid by logging the user off (after he or she attempts to connect to the network) and then calling the user back at a predetermined number.


 a.callback modem

 b.telephone recognition system


 d.signature analysis

2 points   

Question 10



A firewall examines ____ of data.






2 points   

Question 11



IDSs are placed ____ a firewall.


 a.in front of


 c.instead of

 d.on both sides of

2 points   

Question 12



____ protects cables from electromagnetic interference (EMI), which could corrupt data or data transmissions.


 a.Corner bolt covers

 b.ID packets

 c.Cable shielding

 d.Electronic trackers

2 points   

Question 13



A ____ is the least experienced type of hacker.


 a.script kiddie


 c.white hat

 d.black hat

2 points   

Question 14



____ are a type of access control.



 b.Steel encasements



2 points   

Question 15



____ ensures data security and integrity over public networks, such as the Internet.






2 points   

Question 16



In ____ encryption, the same key is used to encrypt and decrypt the message.






2 points   

Question 17



____ attacks are more typical in large companies.


 a.DoS (Denial of Service)

 b.Virus hoax

 c.Server malware

 d.Client malware

2 points   

Question 18



____ is/are a primary activity in the value chain.



 b.Human resource management


 d.Organizational infrastructure

2 points   

Question 19



Using the ____ model brings sellers and buyers together on the Web and collects commissions on transactions between these parties.






2 points   

Question 20



Bizrate.com is an example of the informediary model of e-commerce.




2 points   

Question 21



____ is a pure-play company.






2 points   

Question 22



____ is a site that facilitates C2C e-commerce.






2 points   

Question 23



Online classified Web sites such as Craigslist.org provide an example of consumer-to-business e-commerce.




2 points   

Question 24



A ____ generates revenue from the fees charged for matching buyers and sellers.


 a.buyer-side marketplace

 b.seller-side marketplace

 c.trading partner agreement

 d.third-party exchange marketplace

2 points   

Question 25



____ aim(s) at increasing a Web site’s performance on search engines in a natural (and free) fashion.


 a.XML (Extensible Markup Language)

 b.SEO (Search Engine Optimization

 c.Meta tagging


2 points   

Question 26



Which of the following is not an advantage of E-commerce


 a.Service availability

 b.Search engine

 c.Data mining

 d.Increased cost

2 points   

Question 27



Nordstrom is an example of what type of business?


 a.Click and Brick

 b.Pure Play

 c.Business to Business


2 points   

Question 28



There are ____ major e-commerce categories.






2 points   

Question 29



Crisis response is an example of a(n) ____ e-government application.






2 points   

Question 30



____ is a popular on-line payment system used in many on-line auction sites.





 d.Smart card

2 points   

Question 31



To find a contribution amount of $300 or greater, the entry in the Amount field’s criteria should be






2 points   

Question 32



When looking for a date during the week beginning 8/2/2015 and ending 8/8/2015, which of the following would be the correct criteria?



 b.Between 8/2/2015 and 8/8/2015 

 c.>8/2/2015 AND <8/8/2015

 d.Between 8/1/2015 and 8/9/2015 

2 points   

Question 33



Which of the following would NOT be displayed for a criteria of R*d?






2 points   

Question 34



Which of the following expressions would correctly add a calculated field named Discount that is 20 percent of the Price field?


 a.Let Discount=[Price]*0.20

 b.[Discount]:[Price *20%] 

 c.Discount: [Price]*0.20


2 points   

Question 35



To locate records in which a field is left blank, what should be used as the criteria for that field?


 a.Is NOT Null


 c.Is Null


2 points   

Question 36



Using the “keep whole group together on one page” command ensures


 a.sums, counts, and averages will be taken for each numeric field

 b.subtotals will be given on each page, should the data exceed one page.

 c.labels, data, and totals will all be on one page as long as the data doesn’t exceed one page.

 d.all data and labels will display fully on the page.

2 points   

Question 37



Facts about people, events, things or ideas is _____.







2 points   

Question 38



To add on to the end of an object, such as to add records to the end of an existing table is to:






2 points   

Question 39



When viewing a report in Design view, which of the following is NOT a section name?


 a.Group Footer

 b.Report Header

 c.Page Header

 d.Form Footer

2 points   

Question 40



When establishing a relationship, common fields do NOT necessarily need to have


 a.the same field name.

 b.the same data type.

 c.the same field size.

 d.common data.

2 points   

Question 41



A single piece of information that is stored in every record and represented by a column in a table is a _______.





 d.navigation pane

2 points   

Question 42



Information repeated in a database in a manner that indicates poor design is said to be: 






2 points   

Question 43



To print just one record from a form, which of the following would you choose in the Print dialog box?


 a.the All option

 b.the Selected Record(s) option

 c.the Print Range option

 d.the Page Setup button

2 points   

Question 44



Which is NOT true concerning forms?


 a.They can be used to control access to the database.

 b.They are used for data entry.

 c.They can show one or multiple records at a time.

 d.Every table must have at least one form.

2 points   

Question 45



Which of the following is NOT true regarding a report?


 a.It can be based on another report.

 b.It can be based on a table.

 c.It can summarize the records in an easy-to-read format.

 d.It can be based on a query

2 points   

Question 46



When a field is too narrow to display numeric information, the data displays as


 a.dollar signs.

 b.pound signs.


 d.truncated numbers.

2 points   

Question 47



Both the Find and Replace commands can be utilized within forms.




2 points   

Question 48



A crosstab query requires only a field for a row heading and a field for a column heading




2 points   

Question 49



The Report and Group Headers are printed at the top of every page of the report.




2 points   

Question 50



In a query design, the Totals button can also be used to group (summarize) nonnumeric data.






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