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Solved Word_Intro_Cap1_National_Sales_Meeting


Project Description:

In this project, you will apply skills you practiced from the Objectives in Word Chapters 1-3. You will assist Irene Shviktar, the Vice President of Marketing, to edit and create documents for a National Sales Meeting that will precede a Winter Sports Expo sponsored by Front Range Action Sports. The documents include a cover letter from the vice president to the company president. The letter will accompany a packet of materials for the meeting and the expo, which includes a brief resume for the guest speaker, a flyer that will announce the expo, a newsletter for employees, and a research paper on the history and development of skis.


Open the Word document Student_Word_Cap1_National_Sales_Meeting.docx   downloaded with this Project. Be sure that the rulers and formatting marks   display.


On the letter on Page 1, select   the first paragraph—Front Range Action   Sports—and increase the Font Size to 28 pt. Change the Font Size of the   next four paragraphs—the address lines and website—to 12 pt.


Select the first five paragraph   lines that you just formatted, change the Font to Arial, and then with the   text selected, display the Borders and Shading dialog box. Create a 6 pt,   Automatic-colored border on the left side of the selected text.

  In the paragraph that begins If you   have any, select the second sentence and move it to the beginning of the   paragraph. Adjust spacing as necessary so that there are no extra blank   spaces at the end of the paragraph.


On Page 2, in the newsletter,   select the second paragraph of text, which begins with Employee Newsletter. Display the Borders and Shading dialog box,   and then add an Automatic-colored, 3 pt line below the paragraph.


Starting with the paragraph that   begins National Sales Meeting, select   all of the text from that point to the end of the page, including the   paragraph mark after the word event. Do   not select the Page Break. Change the Spacing After to 6 pt, format the text   in two columns, and apply the Justify alignment.


At the top of the first column,   select the paragraph National Sales   Meeting. From the Font dialog box, change the Font Size to 20, apply   Bold, and add the Small caps effect. Then Center the paragraph. Apply the   same formatting to the paragraph Winter   Sports Expo.


On the same page, in the blank   line above the last paragraph of the newsletter, insert the picture from your   downloaded files wCap1_Powder_Skiing.jpg.   If necessary, set the Width of the picture to 3″ and apply a 10 pt   Soft Edges effect.


In the blank paragraph at the   top of Page 3, insert a 2×3 table. In the first cell of the table, type the   following four lines, pressing ENTER after each line:

Robert   Lewis
1227   Aspen Lake Trail
Vail,   CO 81657


In the second row of the table,   in the first cell, type CAREER HIGHLIGHTS and then press TAB. In the second cell of the   second row, insert the text from the downloaded file wCap1_Career_Text.docx and then press BACKSPACE to remove the   blank line at the bottom of the inserted text.


In the third row of the table,   in the first cell, type EDUCATION and then in the cell to the right, type Mr. Lewis’   educational information as follows, pressing ENTER after each line:
University   of Colorado
Ph.D.   in Psychology
University   of Colorado
M.S.   in Psychology
University   of Minnesota
B.S.   in Psychology


Insert a new row at the bottom   of the table. In the first cell of the new row, type CONSULTANT and then in the cell to the   right, type the following, pressing ENTER after each line:
U.S.   Junior Ski Team
U.S.   National Ski Team
Special   Olympics


Apply Bold to the headings CAREER HIGHLIGHTS, EDUCATION, and CONSULTANT. Drag the vertical border between the two columns to   the 1.5-inch mark on the horizontal ruler.


In the first row, merge the two   cells, and then Center the text. Select Robert   Lewis, increase the Font Size to 24 pt, apply Bold, and then add 24 pt   space Before the text. Select the web address and add 18 pt space after the   text.


Create a bulleted list, using   solid round black bullets, for the items below SKIING and below COACHING. Apply   Bold to the name of each university, and then apply 12 pt spacing after to   the name of each college degree.


Select the table, and then   remove all borders. From the Borders and Shading dialog box, add a 3 pt solid   border to the top of the table.


Near the top of Page 4, in the   paragraph that begins The use of skis, in   the third line, position the insertion point to the right of the period   following wood, and then insert the   following footnote: The oldest known ski and pole is more   than 4,000 years old.


Modify the footnote style by   changing the Font Size to 11 pt, add a First Line Indent of 0.5″, and   set Line spacing to 2.0 (double).


In the paragraph that begins The use of skis, position the   insertion point to the left of the period at the end of the paragraph. Using   the MLA format, add the following Book citation:
  Author: Huntford, Roland
  Title: Two   Planks and a Passion: The Dramatic History of Skiing
  Year: 2008
  City: New   York
  Publisher: Continuum Press

  In the text, select the Huntford citation   and add the page numbers 4-6


On Page 6, in the blank line   below the Works Cited title, insert   the built-in Bibliography. Select the two references, change the line spacing   to 2.0 and change the Spacing After to 0 pt. Center the Bibliography title. After the bibliography is entered and   formatted, delete the Works Cited   paragraph.


On Page 7, select the two   paragraphs below the title that begin Friday   and Saturday, and then change   the Spacing After to 0.


Select the three paragraphs below the title—the dates—and then from   the Borders and Shading dialog box, apply a Box border using theme color   Blue, Accent 1 (fifth column, first color) and a 3 pt border. Click the   Shading tab, and add Shading using theme color Blue, Accent 1, Lighter 80%   (fifth column, second color).


Click after the colon at the end   of the line that precedes the bulleted list. Insert the downloaded picture wCap1_Downhill_Skiing.jpg. Change the   Height of the picture to 3.5″, and then set the wrapping to Square.


Position the picture so that the   Horizontal Alignment is set to Right relative to Column and the Vertical   Alignment is set to Top relative to Line. Apply a Picture Style using the   Soft Edge Rectangle.


At the bottom of the flyer,   click in the second blank paragraph below the last paragraph of text. Insert   a Basic Process SmartArt (first style under Process). Click the outer   rectangle surrounding the SmartArt to select it, and if necessary, change the   wrapping style to In Line with Text. On the Format tab, set the Height of the   SmartArt graphic to 1″ and the Width to 6.5″. Add the following   text, in order, to the three shapes:

  To the SmartArt graphic, apply the 3-D Polished style.


Save and close the file, and   then submit for grading.


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