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Groupwork Questions

Refer to “The Zinnia” simulation collective bargaining agreement, Article #9 “Seniority”, found at website www.thezinnia.com (Links to an external site.), then click on “Local H-56’s website”, scroll down to “The Zinnia Bargaining Updates” to find “Current Collective Bargaining Agreement.” The Zinnia simulation applies to questions 1, 2, and 3 only.

  1. Discuss Article 9.2 “Same Start Date.” Is seniority expressed as a “Sole Factor”, a “Determining Factor” or a “Secondary Factor”? How did the Group arrive at the conclusion?
  2. Discuss Article 9.6 “Layoffs and Recalls.” Is this paragraph fair to the employer and employees because a better-qualified employee may be laid off leaving a less qualified employee? How did the Group arrive at the conclusion?
  3. Compare and Contrast “The Zinnia” simulation Article #9, “Seniority” with the Anchorage Police Department collective bargaining agreement Article #9, “Seniority”. Refer to the website Collective Bargaining Agreement between Anchorage Police Department Employees Association and Municipality of Anchorage.   (Links to an external site.)Your Compare and Contrast analysis should include responses to these three questions:
  4. What are three similarities?
  5. What are three differences?
  6. Based on the Group’s compare and contrast effort, which of the two Articles would the Group select as the better one? Why?
  7. Define and discuss the term “Superseniority.” Why would “Superseniority” be allowed? Is “Superseniority” fair to union employees? Why or why not?  Refer to the following article:
  1. Discuss the various steps to a typical union grievance process. Compare the union grievance process to a typical non-union grievance process. What are three differences between the two? Which process is more effective in resolving workplace grievances? Why?

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