Prepare a summary presentation for the kent chemical executives using


You will prepare a summary presentation concerning the Kent Chemical case. Presentations are a necessary skill for the competent professional. In this Assignment each member of the team will have an opportunity to practice this skill.

Assignment 1: Team Assignment

Prepare a summary presentation for the Kent Chemical Executives using PowerPoint that includes the checklist items below. 


  • Include a Title slide
  • Introduction (one slide)
  • A summary of the problems facing Luis Morales as he began implementing Ben Fisher’s international expansion strategy. (2 slides)
  • A summary evaluation of the organizational changes he made in response to those problems. (1–2 slides)
  • A summary of the true value of the Sterling Partners consulting services that they provided. (1–2 slides)
  • An overview of what Morales should recommend. (2–3 slides)
  • A call to action regarding what Ben Fisher should decide. (1–2 slides)
  • References (1 slide)

The point distribution for the presentation will be as follows:

50% (25 points): Content addressing checklist items, focus, and organization

30% (15 points): Analysis, critical thinking, and persuasion

20% (10 points): Professional presentation, clarity of slidesTotal points for presentation = 50

Additional Instructions:

  • Slides – It is important that the slides be streamlined, interesting, and professional. The use of an appropriate template and SmartArt to graphically depict information is highly encouraged. The majority of the detail should be placed in the notes sections. Respond using a minimum of 10 slides.



Bartlett, C. A., & Winig, L. (2012). Kent Chemical: Organizing for international growth. HBS Brief Cases.


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