Essay 6 of five pages

Essay 6 requirments


For this final essay, you should be analyzing the book “Thinking in Pictures” by Temple Grandin through the lens of the readings we have completed this semester.  The essay should focus on making a claim about the overall massage of the book based on what we have learned about the different ways in which people are motivated, how people change, and how people respond to adversity through the various texts we have read this semester. For this book “Thinking in pictures”, you should be focus on how people respond to adversity through the various texts.


Pick three reading articles that I send to you, and also remember to consider the grey areas and to think about the complexities in both your book and the ideas from the reading articles.


In this essay, you should be sure to support for your argument with relevant ideas, information and the quotations from the book. 


The rest of the requirements are in the Essay 6 Assignment sheet.


Bases on the disscution I have in the class, I recommend you to use article “Brainology” , “Rat Park—environment thing”, and Educational motivation “I just wanna be Average”.  


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