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A case study analysis assignment requires “analysis” and problem-solving, rather than extensive research.  The analysis should use the information in the case study materials, with the tools that our course has introduced.  Please ask me for help.  A good outline is:  

  1. Introduction / Background Summary (you      should not repeat all the case facts.  Rather, try to give a concise      summary of the details that matter the most).
  2. Problem:  what is the problem that      the case presents?
  3. Analysis:  this is an introductory      finance and accounting class.  Use the finance / accounting /      business skills that we have learned or will learn in our course.  I      can help you.
  4. Alternatives:  there are probably      several ways to address the problem(s) in the case.  Describe the      alternatives and provide analysis to compare them.
  5. Recommendations:  how would you      solve the problem in the case?

Please see attached case study


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