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Answer any three of following four questions:

1) According to Gonzalez and Fernandez, how has the idea of empire-building by the United States—in terms of economic and political interests—created the need for migration?

2) What are the implications of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo for Chicanos in the Southwest according to Griswold del Castillo?

3) Describe the concepts of “Aztlan” and “Chicanismo” and their major features.

4) Who were the major leaders of the Chicano Movement of the late 1960’s and early 1970s, their major geographic area of operation, and their major political accomplishments?

You will pick and answer 3 out of several questions assigned. The assignments are to be no more than three pages, but more than one and a half a pages (around a page per question). All assignments must be typed, double spaced, with one-inch margins, and an acceptable 12-point font such as “Times New Roman.” I expect a few things for the assignments. I will grade your assignments based on these “things.” First, be sure to use the texts as a guide in answering your question. While I welcome opinions, you will need to substantiate any of your argument(s) with citations. Cite all pertinent information from the text or from any other sources you might use, as I will be assessing your critical reading skills. This does not mean copying and pasting from a website or placing a long quote from the text in your paper. Second, (this should be obvious, but it still happens) be sure to check for spelling and grammar before turning your assignment. Also, be sure that some of the informal writing that happens in the discussions and in emails doesn’t get translated into sloppy work for assignments. Third, I will be also assessing the papers on effort, thoughtfulness, and content. While seemingly subjective terms, these elements, nonetheless, are the types of elements you know when you see them.


due date: 2/1/15 at 7:00pm,no plgiarism!


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