• Read the following case study “The Best Person for the Job”: Case Study on Ethics.pdf
  • Write an APA-style essay containing at least 300 words. In your  essay, do your best to address the following: (a) ethical issue(s)  implicit in the case study, (b) identify the relevant stakeholders in  the case study, (c) identify any ethical frameworks, principles, laws,  standards, etc., and (d) suggest recommendations or resolutions to  answer the question, “What should Mary do”? 
  • APA style papers are written in 12-point Times font, are  double-spaced, and include APA style references (if used). You are not  required to use references in this paper but you can use references if  you choose. You are also not required to include an Abstract.
  • You may want to use the following APA-style template Word document if you are not familiar with writing an APA-style paper: Essay 3 APA Template.docx
  • Upload your Word document to Canvas