Comparing and contrasting the development of technology.

For this essay, you are comparing and contrasting technology.

1,500 words

Only use Third person point of view

The essay must have: 

INTRODUCTION PARAGRAPH (with clear thesis statement).

3 BODY PARAGRAPH (with clear topic sentences)

1st body paragraph: Comparing and contrasting about benefits & risks of Artificial Intelligence and if technology has AI, what success will the world have when it comes to bringing AI into a part of human life? 

2nd body paragraph: Comparing and contrasting about dangerous Ricks of Artificial Intelligence and if AI is too smart and advanced, how will it bring any consequences to human?

3rd body paragraph: When technology is too developed, artificial intelligence will also grow dramatically and artificial intelligence will gradually replace the human brain, who will stop artificial intelligence if it is too smart

Conclusion Paragraph: Artificial intelligence is very helpful for human life but must also know where to stop.  Saying that human intelligence should only be used to a certain extent


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