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This is just a prompt to help guide you with your writing; you do not need to answer all of these questions. If you want to write about a different aspect of the readings and the film, you can do so, but make sure that it pertains to the film and reading: What do you make of LUV’s black representations. The very first image in the film is of Woody’s back, reminiscent of a black slave baring his back for a whipping. Do the images that follow get too bogged down in the past, or are they making a statement about the problems that are occurring in contemporary society? What does Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow have to do with the film? Even if you think it doesn’t connect to the film, please be sure to expound on Alexander’s points and include a quote from the reading in your DBP.


NOTE: The discussion is just 150 words and try to answer as much as possible from the questions, relating them to the readings as well.



NOTE: Their is one reading attached. And one movie its name is LUV






you are responsible to watch the film.


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