Lucille and tad are discussing the purpose of illustration essays.

English Composition II

Lucille and Tad are discussing the purpose of illustration essays. Lucille maintains that illustration essays should be devoted to explaining difficult concepts and abstract terms. Tad argues that illustration essays can also be used to expand on generalization or introduce unfamiliar topics. Who is correct?

Lucille is correct

Tad is correct

Both are incorrect

Both are partially correct


The two major general factors that should guide your analysis of an intended audience are:


Education and incom

Gender and education

Social status and ideological factors

Attitudinal and demographic factors


A false issue meant to distract readers from the issue that’s addressed in an argument is called:

Red herring

Stacking the deck


A non  sequitur


Let’s say your organizing material in an illustration essay. You decided that each of your three body paragraphs will address one of your points. If you begin with your least important point and end with your most important point, you would be using a/an ____________order.








Regarding business-letter block formatting , all of the following statements are correct Except for which one?


All copy is written flush –left

A colon follows the salutation

The dateline may be centered when letterhead stationery is used

The inside address, body paragraph, and signature block are single-spaces.

New theories, interpretation and points of view must be subject to open debate. For this reason, academic journals only publish articles and reports after they’ve been subject to _____________review.







A quote called a/an_____________procedes an essay’s introductory paragraph and is typically meant to suggest the essay’s thesis







Hogan and Blythe are discussing the proper organization of a comparison-contrast essay. Hogan maintains that all such essays must apply a point-by-point organization. Blythe argues that a subject-to-subject organization is always preferred over a point-by-point organization. Who is correct.


Hogan is correct

Blythe is correct

Both are partially correct

Neither hogan or Blythe is correct


According to the work of Tardiff and Brizee, cited in your course, which statement best describes an analytical essays?


The paper evaluates a policy proposal, pro and con

The paper explains the differences between astromony and astrology

The paper explains how core samples are taken from ancient ice sheets

The paper sorts ideas and issues into their components parts



We read, Researchers have determined that although blushing and sweating are often correlated, sweating doesn’t cause blushing, nor does blushing cause sweating. Instead, we find that both phenomena are actually effects of emotional stress. “ The researchers have suggested that, given the presence of emotional stress, the correlation between blushing and sweating is:











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