Pro con position paper | English homework help

This week, you will complete the final draft of your Pro-Con Position Paper. Review the template provided and consider the feedback from your instructor and peers as you make edits and finalize your work.

The final draft should apply the following:

An APA formatted title page

An attention grabbing introduction to draw in the audience

A well-written thesis that acknowledges both pro and con topics

A formal tone, avoiding both 1st (I, me, my, we, our, us, mine) and 2nd (you, your) person point of view – no slang or contractions

Either the alternating or divided pattern of organization, presenting both counterarguments and rebuttals

Body paragraphs that include topic sentences, evidence, and concluding/connecting sentences

Five incorporated scholarly sources that support all assertions

A conclusion that resolves the argument and applies a thought-provoking concluding technique

In-text and reference page citations in APA format

Please use the below Theory of intelligent design draft and finalize the pro con position paper 


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