Wk 1 – command line and comparison chart


The list command ls is a useful and versatile command in Linux. Using Ch. 3, “Exploring Linux Filesystems,” of CompTIA Linux+ Guide to Linux Certification as a reference, write a 1/4- to 1/2-page command list using Microsoft® Word that does the following:

Using wildcard metacharacters and options to the ls command, write a command that would allow you to list the following:

  • All the files that end with .cfg under the /etc directory
  • All hidden files in the /home/user1 directory
  • The directory names that exist under the /var directory
  • All the files that start with the letter “a” underneath the /bin directory
  • All the files that have exactly three letters in their filename in the /bin directory
  • All files that have exactly three letters in their filename and end with either the letter “t” or the letter “h” in the /bin directory

Research using valid internet sources, and related personal experience, the common features, platforms, and location of the Kali Linux distribution.

Using Table 1-4 “Common Linux Distributions” as your guide, prepare a 1-page table using Microsoft® Word or Microsoft® Excel® comparing Ubuntu Linux, which is in the chart, to Kali Linux, which is not.

Note: Kali will be introduced next week, so this will help you see how this distribution fits into the Linux scheme.


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