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Source:  The Bedford Handbook, 11th edition

1.  Connected to todays lesson, do the following.  Use a heading on ALL work, 

Using pg. 7 as an example:

WRITE : ( on a topic of your choice) 

a) a question

b) a working thesis

c) a stronger working thesis


2. Read pgs. 54-64, Reading Arguments

This section is very important and will teach you how to recognize and read an academic argument, public policy or debate.  Read about making hasty generalizations, false analogies or stereotypes, ALL of which are not professional academic arguments.  Read about ethical (ethos), logical (logos) and emotional (pathos) appeals and how to evaluate them as a reader. 

See:   Exercise 5-1, pg. 57:  Read this exercise that starts with “Elderspeak….” and follow the instructions carefully, identifying the type of appeal used in each sentence for which a choice is given.

Assignment:  Just write out the answers for each sentence.  You are not being asked to write an essay. 


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