Ba 2500 mod 2 assignment 1

 In Module 2, learned about PRODUCT decisions.

  1. In our discussion this week, you discussed a product and a service. For this assignment, we will focus on the product that you selected.
    1. Describe the core product and its features and benefits.
    2. Describe what makes up the augmented product.
    3. Is this product part of a product line that the manufacturer offers?
    4. What overall product category does this product belong to?
    5. Discuss the brand name for this product. Is there a brand mark?
    6. Describe the packaging and labeling for this product. How does the packaging fulfill the important functions (communicating about the brand, protecting the product, preventing leakage, presenting government warnings and information).For this assignment, you will create a written document in which you describe the product using terminology and concepts from the chapter readings and Module 2 Lesson.
    7. Please copy/paste a picture of your product and its packaging.

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