Discussion – impacts of information technology


(graphic source: http://epjst.epj.org/articles/epjst/abs/2012/14/epjst214008/epjst214008.html)

The readings this week raise issues that are direct or indirect effects of the use of information technology:
a) the digital divide
b) online addictions
c) online media – fact or fiction
d) positive and negative impacts of information technology on society

Choose one of the topics to explore. Do some additional research on the topic. And cite your sources. Please do NOT make Wikipedia your primary source. You may use it, but there should be other reputable sources included first.

When you post your response, put the chosen topic in the subject line.

How serious an impact does your chosen problem have on quality of life? What could you do to lessen the impact in your life or the lives of loved ones?


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