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ASSESSMENT1: Short written response

Weight :20%

Length : 1000 words

Due :5 dec 2019

The internship component of your degree requires a great deal of initiative and self-directed learning. It is where you make the transition from student to career-minded graduate. This is a time when you actively apply and experiment with concepts, theories and ideas covered in many of your earlier units and integrate them into a cohesive body of knowledge that will facilitate your journey of lifelong learning. Key parts of this process include assessing your current psychological contract and documenting clear objectives in a personalised Learning Plan that is tailored to your current role and career objectives.

Your Learning Plan should include the following components:


Ensure that you write an introduction for this assignment. The Academic Skills Quick Guides will provide you with a reminder on what should be contained within an introduction.


Start with a paragraph that briefly outlines your current placement and host organisation to provide a context for your internship learning. You should also define and explain the concept of Work Integrated Learning. Link this back to relevant research.


Reflect on a minimum of three expectations that you had about your internship role/duties, your supervisor and/or your colleagues prior to commencing the placement. Describe how your expectations have been met or challenged, in 3–4 paragraphs.

Define the psychological contract and discuss whether you feel that the psychological contract with your employer is in balance.

Learning goals/objectives

Write down the four most important learning/career objectives that you want to achieve whilst on your internship. To ensure that you set SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound) goals you are required to use – and modify – the example Learning Goals template available on the MySCU site ‘Assessment Tasks and Submission’ link. Include this as an appendix and be sure to summarise your goals in the body of your plan.

TIP: Use a section break to insert a new page, then change the orientation of the new section to ‘landscape’ before pasting the goals template into your document.

Include a Conclusion and a Reference list (using the Harvard Referencing style).

See the MySCU Blackboard unit site – Assessment Tasks and Submission link – for the marking criteria of all assessments including the feedback sheet which contains details on what is assessed


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