Truth or “white” lies? topic w4

W4  Essay Prompt

For this essay, review the Writing and Formatting Your Essay document and the Basic Rubric – MLA only. Also, please review my notes/comments in previous essays before submitting this assignment. Doing so will help you avoid repeating past mistakes.  You should be progressing not regressing.  

1. Read a few credible online articles on the assigned prompt:  It is always best to tell the truth (or) sometimes, it is best to tell a “white” lie.  

2. Take a stand:  It is always best to tell the truth (or sometimes, it is best to tell a “white” lie ). Keep your thesis simple.

3. Decide on two clear reasons to support your thesis. Write your reasons as complete sentences, not as phrases and not as questions.

4. Write a well-developed essay (750 words min)

5. Include the following:

  • Title for the essay
  • Introductory paragraph that begins with a hook and ends in an underlined thesis statement
  • Two body paragraphs that each begin with an underlined topic sentence and has up to 20% in cited support.
  • A conclusion
  • A  Works Cited page*

*References note:

Use a minimum of 2 authoritative, credible online sources to support your argument, and cite at least 1 source in each body paragraph. Each quote should be introduced in the text with a signal phrase: let the reader know in advance whom you are quoting and the context of the source. All sources should be correctly cited in the text using parenthetical citations where needed, and each source should be included in a Works Cited (MLA) section at the end of the document, following guidelines consistently. Do not cite sources in the body of the essay with Internet addresses (URLs), 


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