Intro to sociology online tests through mdc blackboard

Sociology 2 Online Tests

-Module 3 Exam due April 12

-Module 4 Exam due April 19

 Both tests requiere the following:

  • This test contains 50 questions. All questions are displayed at once.
  • There are multiple-choice and true/false questions in the test.
  • You have 70 minutes to complete this test.
  • You are allowed only one (1) attempt, and it must be completed in one sitting – your score will be recorded.

I will give you my credentials so that you can Login into my account.

Click this link: 

After you are in, do the following:

*Go to Courses (Top right corner)

*Click SYG2000-2203-6730

*On the left side menu scroll down to EXAMS

*Select Module 3 Exam and Complete it


*Select Module 4 Exam and Complete it


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