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Next week you do not have a Discussion Board question however you must complete the Library Assignment .  To complete this assignment, visit the Library Resources Tab in the navigation pane.   Learning how to use the online PGCC Library will assist you when completing the Library Assignment.  

To access the Assignment, go to the navigation pane to the left and click on ” Course Content” then go to the ” Assignment” folder. You will find the Library Assignment in this folder.

 Your Library assignment requires that you write a response to the questions below in essay format. The response must be double-spaced, 12pt font, and at least 400 words.

1) What are some professional, (peer-reviewed)sociology journals found in the library and how would you go about accessing them?

2) What are some other sociology resources in the library such as popular (non-professional) journals, magazines and newsletters?

3) What is plagiarism and what are some ways that you can avoid it?

4) Write the following sources in proper form for ASA documentation. a. Your sociology textbook. b. A journal article titled Study Habits of First Year Sociology Students by Leslie Anne Rhoades published in volume 8, page 56, in the Journal of Sociology.

5) What did you learn from the library session and assignment?


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