Test one | Sociology homework help

This is a Testand not a research paper. Only assigned written materials allowed. No downloads from Wikipedia, encyclopedias or any other internet or published source permitted.

Select 2 out of the 3 questions below to answer. Then write Three pages for eachof the two questions you’ve selected. Note the format should be in Times New Roman font, 12 inches, black ink. Pagination required. Start each question on a new page please

1.  Compare and contrast the theories of modernization proposed by Durkheimn, Weber, and Marx. How do they pertain to the study of the relationship between the individual and society? 

2. What are the material forces explained as part of the sociocultural system? How important are they and which do you consider more relevant if any?

3. Can postmodernist, social constructionist or social movement theories contribute to our understanding of a “social conflict for individual rights” in our society in this new 21stcentury?


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